Isaac Kristensen
Isaac Kristensen
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He has excellent communication abilities, and can rapidly and effectively organize personnel, schedules, and company resources for maximum benefit to the buyer and seller. His ability to oversee the whole assembly line of the Real Estate transaction and coordinate the various functions speeds up the process exponentially so you get into your new home right on time. Working in Real Estate for a year on the marketing and leads side he is now licensed as a Real Estate Agent. Isaac has had extensive experience in management, human resources, recruitment and training of salesmen. He has also had over 15 years of experience as a salesman himself and knows how to get a deal done. Education: Certified Real Estate Agent, Certified Residential Agent, Certified Rural Agent, Art of Negotiation Certified Negotiator, Services for Success Edmonton Real Estate Board, Certified Organizational Specialist, Certified Sales and Marketing Trainer, Certified Communications Trainer, Project Manager, Professional Executive Management Training